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As of Nov. 1, 2018

Kevin Hogan, President

Susan Ciaravino, Vice President

Dennis Kalina, Vice President

Tim Sansone, Treasurer

Jeff Ahearn, Ex Officio

Susan Barnes

Natalie Brubaker

Therese Cingranelli

Lisa Eder

Gerri Painter

Ann Pellegrino

Rosemary Reynolds

Mary Ann Wilcox

Student Representatives

Kacey Painter

In Memory of Rita Morris


Thank you to our retiring board members

Shari Bobal
Matt Brubaker
Maureen Gaylord
Diane Macdonell
Jerrie Schutt

*Harrison Barnes

*Erika Schutt


*Student representative

Our fundraisers, which include an annual Trivia Night and Mother & Son Fun Night, are our main source of money we distribute for the grants. They are also lots of fun for the community! Check out what we have to offer.

Our grants aid Vestal students, from kindergartners to high schoolers, in classrooms, playgrounds, theaters, gyms, ball fields and more. We've given 421 grants worth $432,000 in 24 years!

Our grant program is open to all community members. Applications are distributed to Vestal schools in January. A panel of our board members reviews the applications and makes a recommendation to the entire board for approval.

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