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We've given 422 grants worth $432,000 in 24 years. That's a lot of money! Here is a list of the grants we gave out in 2018:


Standing Desks for Diverse Learning Styles

Erin Keough, Kelly Wood (ARE)

Adjustable standing desks for fourth-grade classrooms, providing an alternate learning setting for the students. It also allows the students to think about their learning and specific learning styles.


Sensory Room Project

Hayley Crimmons and Tioga Hills Rtl Team (THE)

Individuals, small groups or a full class can utilize the space to teach self-regulation based on Zones of Regulation. The collaboration with BOCES and PTA expands the scope of the classroom.


Makerspace: Making Learning Fun

Karen Vill (ARE)

Tinker, create, invent, explore with different materials in the library. Students will use the resources to engineer and design structures or find ways to solve a proposed problem.


Promoting Mental Wellness

Dodie Ainslie (VCSD)

A program based around the screening of the film “Angst: Anxiety Disorders are Real, Common and Treatable,” providing awareness and support for students, both for academic and emotional growth.


Ukuleles for Middle School

Kacie Doty, Aubrey Warnek (VMS)

Building off the budding musical program in the district, VMS is the fourth school to purchase the instruments through the VSF, allowing students to continue to grow and learn new ukulele skills.


Compact PA Systems

Austin Kiley (VHS)

Purchase two systems with wireless microphones, allowing students to learn and use the technology. Vestal Voices, Bear Necessities, Music Theory and VHS Musical will be among the many groups to use the systems.


Emotional Regulation

Stephanie Misakos, Meaghan Pariseau (GLE)

Using Zones of Regulation strategies, this program helps students understand their feelings and learn coping skills so they can increase their time in the classroom and avoid removal from the learning environment.


Just Rolling Along

Jennifer Mcmanus, Tina Lilly, Amanda Jones, Doreen McSain (GLE)

Based on the success of a previous VSF purchase, seven large E Z Rollers so older students can keep moving during recess, enhancing physical development and expanding the fun!


Keeping Calm in the Class

Stephanie Mitsakos (GLE)

A toolkit of materials for each classroom, giving all students the ability have resources available that will help them regulate their emotions. Now, their time away from the classroom will be drastically reduced.


Permanent Collection Spruce-Up

Melissa Restuccia (VHS)

The addition of signage, permanent labels and frames to show our Golden Bear pride. The collection is part of school tours for school dignitaries and other visitors, highlighting our academic excellence.


Breakout Boxes

Tracy Suggs, Jim Cerra, Andrea Smith (VHS)

The devices present a scenario for the students, who try to open the box after solving math problems or puzzles or reading text closely. The solutions require teamwork and keep students facing each other, not screens.


Science Olympiad

Sally Lowenstein, Ryan Brembs (VHS)

Purchase supplies needed by the team to build competition projects and to prepare for invitational and regional events. Vestal’s team continues to medal at the state level.


Sensory Room

Christie Kelly, Kristen Spinner, Mary Clare Marasco (ARE)

The purchase of the “bubble tube” for the Sensory Room encourages visual development, perception and communication skills for students with sensory needs. The tube creates a visual filter for incoming sensory overload.


VHS Wardrobe Organization

Kathleen Kriedler, Jennifer Burdick (VHS)

Organizes, coordinates and expands the musical/drama departments’ costuming closets and room. The 3,000 pieces of clothing, costumes and accessories requires proper labeling and storage.


Chemistry Magic Show*

Tracy Suggs

High School students have the opportunity to share their passion and knowledge of  chemistry with all fourth-grade students in a fun and enlightening atmosphere. *This program is funded annually by Vestal School Foundation decree.

Our fundraisers, which include an annual Trivia Night and Mother & Son Fun Night, are our main source of money we distribute for the grants. They are also lots of fun for the community! Check out what we have to offer.

Our grants aid Vestal students, from kindergartners to high schoolers, in classrooms, playgrounds, theaters, gyms, ball fields and more. We've given 421 grants worth $432,000 in 24 years!

Our grant program is open to all community members. Applications are distributed to Vestal schools in January. A panel of our board members reviews the applications and makes a recommendation to the entire board for approval.

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