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Annual Call for Proposals

Applications Available: The annual call for proposals is now closed.

Due Date: March 11, 2019


We are pleased to announce the 2018-2019 “Call for Proposals” for Vestal School Foundation Grants.


Printable documents



If you have any questions regarding the grant application process contact: Mary Ann Wilcox at 607.754.2136 or send her an email by clicking this link.


The Vestal School Foundation requires a digital submission of your grant application plus one hard copy by the deadline. All supporting materials (i.e., web links, listings of supplies, photos, etc.) must be submitted with the application. IMPORTANT: The digital version (pdf) must be emailed to the grant coordinator by the deadline, March 11, 2019.


The Grants Committee will conduct a preliminary evaluation of all applications, during which time you may be contacted for further information.  Based on the Grant Evaluation Criteria listed below, the Grants Committee will select applications for final approval by the VSF Board of Directors. Grant proposals not selected for funding may be resubmitted during future grant cycles.


Please note that the Vestal School Foundation will not fund grants requesting payment of a stipend, including wages of any kind. Payment of an honorarium or fee for a guest speaker is acceptable.


Grant Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be used in evaluating grant proposals:

  • Scholastic Impact: To what extent will knowledge and skills of students and staff be enhanced?

  • Innovation: Will the grant introduce new teaching methods, technologies and approaches to the school curriculum?

  • Exposure: How many students will benefit from the project and for how long?

  • Inter-school: Does the project involve students and staff from more than one school?

  • Interdisciplinary: Does the project involve cooperation among departments?  Will it encourage students to use concepts from more than one discipline or curriculum area?

  • Cooperation: Does the project involve broad collaboration and involvement of teachers, school staff/administration, students and members of the community?

  • Social Impact: To what extent would the project expand the social awareness and participation of students in the community? To what extent would the project benefit the community?

  • Strategy: Does the proposal have a clear strategy and timetable for implementing the project?

  • Adaptability: What will be the long-term benefits of the project? How could the project be applied elsewhere or on a larger scale?  How will information on the project be disseminated to others?

  • Cost: Does the project use funds efficiently? Combined funding or matching is encouraged.

  • Expansion: Does the project expand on, or continue at a more substantial level, a previously funded program?


Program Areas Funded

The Vestal School Foundation will consider grant applications from all program areas, but encourages the following areas:

  • Technology: instruments, software and other programs to enhance learning, especially for improvements in teaching of mathematics and science. These submissions must be compatible with existing district technology and not already in the district budget.

  • Innovation: novel approaches in teaching and learning the curriculum.

  • Arts: programs in music, visual arts and drama that will promote understanding and enjoyment of the arts (including equipment and materials).

  • Multi-cultural initiatives: projects involving teachers and students that expand knowledge and awareness of the ethnic, social and cultural heritage of our global society.


If awarded a grant, you will be invited to attend a brief award ceremony held June 4, 2019.  You also will be required to complete a Final Progress Report.

Our fundraisers, which include an annual Trivia Night and Mother & Son Fun Night, are our main source of money we distribute for the grants. They are also lots of fun for the community! Check out what we have to offer.

Our grants aid Vestal students, from kindergartners to high schoolers, in classrooms, playgrounds, theaters, gyms, ball fields and more. We've given 421 grants worth $432,000 in 24 years!

Our grant program is open to all community members. Applications are distributed to Vestal schools in January. A panel of our board members reviews the applications and makes a recommendation to the entire board for approval.

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